Social Media - 28 de agosto de 2023

A Comparison of the Features of Threads and X [Infographic]

Can Threads become a genuine Twitter alternative, as Twitter continues to transform into X, and Elon Musk’s “everything app” vision?

While it saw massive take-up early on, Threads has clearly lost momentum of late, as it works to add in new features to capitalize on its opportunity.

Many users have drifted back to X instead, but the initial demand does show that there is interest in a genuine real-time social alternative.

So, can Threads get it back, and push for more usage?

To provide some comparison of where things are at, the team from Giraffe Social Media have created this comparison overview between the features of Threads and Twitter/X.

One thing of note is that Threads does now have a desktop app, which was released to all users late last week. It’s not fully functional as yet, but maybe, as Threads continues to match features, it will see wider adoption and use.

Threads versus Twitter

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