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Meta Shares Key Best Practices for Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns [Infographic]

Over the past year, Meta has been working to improve its ad targeting processes, in line with the latest data privacy shifts and restrictions, which has also included a bigger focus on AI, and using automation to maximize performance.

And lately, its automated ad systems have been producing much better results.

In its most recent earnings announcement, Meta explained that its Advantage+ campaigns, which utilize Meta AI to maximize ad performance, are now proving beneficial for many brands.

As per Meta:

With Advantage+ specifically, we’re seeing strong adoption and particular success with the e-commerce and retail verticals, and we’ve seen good traction with other verticals like CPG, especially DTC brands, and we’re continuing to launch features to unlock use cases for advertisers and make it easier for them to adopt Advantage+ campaigns and measure their performance gains.”

Meta’s also adding more automation tools, including creative tools, which could eventually see the whole process become largely automated from start to end, taking even more of the guesswork out of your hands.

That’s still a way off, but as part of its latest push to help brands make the most of Meta ads for the holiday push, it’s shared a new overview of key best practices to help its systems optimize ad performance.

Some valuable notes – check out the full infographic below.

Meta ads best practices

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