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X Officially Launches the First Stage of Job Listings for Verified Organizations

After testing it with selected partners over the past few months, X has now officially launched its new job listings element in beta, with any Verified Organization on the app now able to add job listings to their profile.

X job ads

As you can see in this example, now, businesses with a gold checkmark can add an open roles shelf to their profile, which will appear above their main timeline, and below their profile bio and following/follower numbers.

Tap on the “View all jobs” CTA and you’ll be able to see all the open positions that company currently has listed, and you’ll be able to apply for each (via third-party hosting) by tapping on the specific job detail.

As noted, X has been experimenting with job listings for the last few months, and recently added it to the Verification for Organizations feature listing.

X Verification for Organizations

Though it’s not fully available, nor fully functional as yet.

In order to add job vacancy listings to your business profile, you first need to be a subscriber to Verification for Organizations, X’s $1k per month premium business plan. You then need to apply to join the X Hiring beta (which you can do here), and be accepted by X to take part.

Job listings are also not showing up to all users in all regions as yet, so it’s not entirely fleshed out and optimized. But that’s a consequence of moving fast, and I’m sure that many would prefer to have mostly working updates, as opposed to much slower feature rollouts.

It’s another element in Elon Musk’s “everything app” plan, in which he hopes to make X a key facilitator of many, many more aspects, on the road to becoming a trillion-dollar company.

The actual plan on this front remains fairly vague, but essentially, Elon wants to start by enabling payments, and banking in the app, then, once people are relying on X for money, use that as a foundation to branch into other new areas, including jobs, dating, and virtually every type of transaction that you can think of.

It’s an optimistic vision, which will need a lot to go right. But maybe, eventually, if people come to rely on the app for more day-to-day operations, it could become a much bigger complement.

Few would be willing to bet against Musk outright, though again, there’s a long way to go before this even looks close to possible, but by adding in new elements, like job listings, Elon’s looking to gradually build the framework of the everything app, and enhance its appeal in more ways.

And with many businesses already making valuable connections via the platform, and even advertising open roles via X posts, job listings does make some sense.

And Elon’s confident that it won’t become “super cringe” like LinkedIn.

It’ll be interesting to see how X Hiring performs, and what results businesses see from their listings, as Musk and Co. continue to transform the app.

You can learn more about the X Hiring beta here.

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